Monday, June 20, 2011

Math Work Stations Chapter 5

I continue to love Debbie Diller's book and am excited to have some of my kindergarten team on board with math work stations for next year. It's nice to have people to bounce ideas off of and I'm hoping to bring them to the world of blogging next.

My games have mainly come from Kathy Richardson's book. I love this book because they games are easily differentiated.

I also got a lot of games from Shari Sloane's website (click on math centers and games once you reach her webpage):

One of their favorite games to play was the dice in dice game which can be used for both addition and subtraction. You will find lots of games and resources on her website. I have met her at a couple of workshops and she is one of the nicest persons you will ever meet.

I recently have found another resource for games at this website below.

In my district, we are lucky to have a wonderful resource, Brian Mowry. I am going to share a game that he has created too. This game involves Making Ten and you will need to buy some of the bowling games as pictured below. The students can bowl down the pins on a small tray and fill in the sheet below with combinations of ten. Click on the link to download the game.

Another game involves making combinations of five using two sided counters and spilling them from a cup.

Lastly, I want to share a resource that I have found extremely helpful and fits hand in hand with Debbie Diller's book.

I first learned about this book on Ms. A's website, Oceans of First Grade Fun. You can read more about it on her website here: 
and here

What I love about this book is that it breaks down how you should teach addition and subtraction and it tells you the order to teach things. It starts by teaching Plus 1 and Plus 2, then Adding Zero, Adding Ten, Doubles, Making Ten, Using Tens, and Using Doubles. Each chapter is filled with tons of games to use to teach each of these and it comes with a CD that is done in Microsoft Word, so you can edit to differentiate or put your student's names in the problems to personalize. Ms. A has a wonderful way to store these games in gold envelopes. She has already started making cover sheets for the games on her website and has told me that she plans to post the other chapters within a few weeks. It's definitely worth the investment.

Thanks for hosting us this week, Cheryl. For more great ideas, link up with us here:


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I love these! Your form for the Double Sided Counters is PER.FECT!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

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Thank you for all the great ideas and links!


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I love the bowling game! Thanks for sharing.


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