Sunday, June 12, 2011

Math Work Stations Chapter 4

Wow! Fran really outdid herself with this chapter. Just when I thought I couldn't be any more excited, I was thrilled to find all of the wonderful games she created here. I can't thank you enough for sharing with us. You rock!

I loved chapter 4. I have been sending e-mails to my teammates encouraging them to get on board and buy Debbie Diller's book. There are so many great activities in this chapter, it is better to have your own copy. 

I will be using a lot of Kathy Richardson's number games for this chapter, in addition to the many wonderful games being posted by fellow bloggers and ideas in the book. One thing that stuck out in this chapter for me was the rekenrek. See page 79 for a picture. This reminded me of CGI training and it reminded me that I need to make these for my class. They are really quite easy. You string two lines of 10 beads (2 different colors) on a pipe cleaner and you can attache them to an index card. See the picture below for a better idea.

You can also find more information at this math learning center website

I'm still trying to get the hang of blogging and uploading documents. I am going to try to post a document that you can use for number recognition and counting. Just another way to match up numbers. Click on the picture below to download.

I hope you find this useful and I hope I get the hang of uploading, so that I can share more. For more great games and ideas, visit Kindergarten Crayons by clicking on the button below.


Fran Kramer said...

Dear Shauna,
Thank you so much for linking up with me and presenting this idea. I think it is fantastic for kinder children. I did this years ago and attached it to a paper plate. The kids loved moving the beads back and forth as we told math stories. This is such wonderful idea.

Deedee Wills said...

Thank you for linking up! I love Kathy Richardson's books and activities! You did a great job of linking your document... You are one your way!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Jill said...

Thanks for the easy rekenrek idea! I haven't been in my new classroom yet and I'm not sure what kind of manipulatives the previous teacher had. This eases my mind - I know I can make these myself easily! Thanks so much.

Magnificent Multiagers!

Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

Love the rekenrek idea! I'd been thinking about purchasing some for my class but this is so much better!
Ms. A
Oceans of First Grade Fun

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